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Friends Only

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

This LJ is now friends only. All open posts (ie, old icons) will stay open. I decided to make this Lj friends only because then I could seperate my personal life from my public one, simply. And now, for you to find a little bit about me before you - maybe - add me!

Name/nickname: Raychel - Raych/Ray-Ray, Sev {the last one is only for Shal-chan ;]}
Age: 15 {technically :D}
Likes/Hobbies: Blue, Dreamcatchers, Web Design, Graphic Design, Reading, Friends
Dislikes/Pet peeves: Pink, frilly things, siblings, nose pickers, ignorant people, racists
Strong Points: Emotionally strong, intelligent, resourceful
Weak Points: Paranoid at times, shy
Talents: Web and Graphic Design
Favorite Color and why?: Blue, because it reminds me of the summer day when I first met him.
Favorite Sport: Badminton
Mature or Immature?: Immature
Leader or Follower and why?: Follower. I am far to shy to lead the pack, and I think that following others gives you more things to learn than being a leader.
Other Stuff: I can't explain things well, unless it's fantasy. I find that my humour is rather myterious, and most of the time only I get things. I am scared of my friends best friend, and she says I needs therapy. I had writing in detail unless I have a reason - like my novels or the like. If I could do anything, I would return to where I worked for my work experience and work with the kids forever. I feel that I am rather ugly, and I hate it, though my friends reasure me. I love many people, though I think I will never have a true love. I have been called emo once, but I disagree. It's just how I write.
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