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Kyoko Honda
Mother, Wife and Hero
A fan soundtrack depicting her life

may contain spoilers

Kyoko Honda is the loving mother of Tohru Honda, the main female character in the anime Fruits Basket. However, Kyoko has had a tormented life full of strain, hassle and darkness, sullied with anger and hatred. As she grew, she fell in love and lost, gave birth and lived, and this soundtrack shows the details of her life - from childhood to death.

1. IM NOT OKAY - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - "PARENTS": To be a joke and look, another line without a hook//I held you close as we both shook for the last time take a good hard look!
- Growing up Kyoko was rejected by her parents as she wasn't growing up in the way that they thought was "correct". This soon developed into a gap between her and her parents and, in the end, they disowned her and kicked her out of their home.

Who is that girl I see//Staring straight back at me?//When will my reflection show//Who I am inside?
- Kyoko became a 'bad egg' and joined a gang of yankees, girls who fought and bullied, cut school and were altogether horrible people. She felt that this gang helped her be strong, and this is one of the reasons her parents disliked her - the way she dressed, acted and her attitude was much like the other girls, and the inner pain inside her was pushed out through these negative actions.

You found me//When no one else was lookin'//How did you know just where I would be?//Yeah, you broke through//All of my confusion//The ups and the downs//And you still didn't leave
- During one of the days that Kyoko decided to go to school, she got into a fight. She was sent to a room to calm down, and inside that room was Katsuya Honda, a trainee teacher. He began to talk to her and helped her admit her problem - she wanted to be loved. After the had cried her frustration out, Katsuya took Kyoko out to dinner and gave her her new nickname - "Miss No Eyebrows" {Yankees would shave their eyebrows}

I can feel the blood rushing though my veins//When I hear your voice, driving me insane//Hour after hour day after day//Every lonely night that I sit and pray
- Katsuya and Kyoko spend more time together as he helped her with her emotional problems. Though there was an eight year age gap between them, they were able to communicate and get along as though they had known each other forever. Even though Kyoko still called Katsuya "sensei", she admitted to herself that she was falling in love with him.

You've got your life//I got mine//But you're all I cared about//Yesterday we were laughing//Today I'm left here asking//Where has all the time gone now
- Though Kyoko was a trainee teacher, he was only doing so because his father was a respected teacher and everyone expected it of him. Before, there had been relationship problems between Katsuya and his father, but after the death of his mother they were able to get closer. The ending of his trainee position, seeing as his father allowed him to abandon it, meant he would not be working at the school where Kyoko went to anymore. This upset her, until he reassured her and made sure that he was able to see her again - as her tutor.

To save myself//I don't want to save myself//I just want to live out loud feel the rush that's all around//I light the flames to feel the burn trouble everywhere I turn//there's freedom in the lessons learned and beauty when the loves returned
- When her relationship with Katsuya developed, Kyoko didn't want to be part of the yankee gang again. She stopped going to the meeting and soon enough the other girls became suspicious.They cornered Kyoko and kicked her out the gang - ending up in her hospitalization and the final black mark against her name - for her parents, at least. Now free from the gang restritions, Kyoko's more friendly side was developed.

7. HANGING BY A MOMENT - LIFEHOUSE - "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO": Forgetting all I'm lacking//Completely incomplete//I'll take your invitation//You take all of me now//I'm falling even more in love with you //Letting go of all I've held onto
- After Kyoko was relased from Hospital, she returned home only to find out she had been disowned by her parents. They shouted abuse at her, until Katsuya walked in and came to her rescue. He told her parents that they shouldn't say such things to the girl he planned to marry and walked out with Kyoko, who was in shock. She said he didn't have to, but Katsuya confessed that he had fallen in love with her when she was able to cry about her inner loneliness - something he suffered as a child but was unable to cry about.

From this moment I have been blessed//I live only for your happiness//And for your love I'd give my last breath//From this moment on
- Kyoko and Katsuya were now officially engaged, and her love for him - which had blossomed when she was in middle school - developed into something deep and meaningful. Though the whole of her family rejected the marriage, as did most of the Honda family, Katsuya's father accepted it. He said that they were in love and that was all that mattered. Soon, they were wed and they started a life of wedded bliss together.

There’s something about her//Something that makes me smile//Something about her//You just can’t define//Makes you feel alive
- Soon enough, Baby Tohru was born. After a time of severe insecurity and distress over her pregnancy [see extra section], Kyoko was blessed with Tohru. Seeing the way that Katsuya held her and cared for the little child, Kyoko was calmed, and was able to looked upon their child as a little angel, a delight that she was glad to have.

When you're gone//The pieces of my heart are missing you//When you're gone//The face I came to know is missing too//When you're gone//The words I need to hear to always get me through the day//And make it OK//I miss you
- When Katsuya died on pneumonia, Kyoko went into a state of deep depression. His death had been sudden and unexpected, and she was unable to handle the pain, even trying to commit suicide. Katsuya had been the person that had always gotten her through the day, and to lose him was a deep cut in Kyoko's  heart. It was also due to this that she began to neglect Tohru - something she and Katsuya had sworn never to do.

11. BEAUTY FROM PAIN - SUPERCHICK - "OVERCOMING": After all this has passed//I still will remain//After I've cried my last//There'll be beauty from pain//Though it won't be today//Someday I'll hope again//And there'll be beauty from pain//You will bring beauty from my pain
- After seeing a girl and her mother on the street as she sat in her depression, is was as though a veil had been lifted from Kyoko's head and she suddenly remembered Tohru, as though the fact that she had a daughter had been erased from her mind. Rushing back indoors she found Tohru in a room crying, and as the young girl looked up, saying "Ah.. You're back now?", Kyoko swore to give her the care she had been disallowed as a child.

12. ANGEL - SARAH MCLACLAN - "ACCIDENT/DEATH": You are pulled from the wreckage//Of your silent reverie//You're in the arms of the angel//May you find some comfort there
- When Tohru was in her teens, Kyoko died in a car accident. In the manga, at the end of the series, there is a panel showing Kyoko returning to the arms of Katsuya. This was the end of her pain laced life, and yet she left so much behind that no one could ever understand.

EXTRA: CRASH AND BURN - SAVAGE GARDEN - "RESPONSIBILITY": If you need to fall apart//I can mend a broken heart//If you need to crash then crash and burn//You're not alone
- When Kyoko was pregnant with Tohru, she was anxious about how good a parent would be. She was terrified she would end up like her parents - neglecting the child and hating it, going as far as to disown it. It was Katsuya, as usual, who relaxed her, letting her realise that they were in this together and that they would raise Tohru as a family.


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