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Magic is the hardest thing to find

in a lonely and broken world

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  • Crofton School - Fareham, England - Hampshire, United Kingdom (2003 present)

>> me I was born in a hospital on the 31st of August, 1992 at 5:50am to the proud Gilbert and Sylvia Walsh. With one look at my dark, scruffy hair and little face, my name was decided upon: Rachel. For the first seven years of my life I lived in a small cottage with the adorable title "Daintree Cottage" with my older Brother Jonathan. Five years after I was born we were (cough) gifted with another girl, my sister Samantha. Two years after that, we were blessed with the life of Alexandra, though she was only able to live for three weeks.

After moving away from the cottage to escape the dark memories of a lost child, we landed in Stubbington, in the south of England. I was enrolled in the nearest school where I became friends with my oldest male companion: Lewis. After that my other friends became indespensable to me, and have lasted from year 2 to the year I am in now, which is 10.

I am now preparing to take my GCSEs and picking a University to go to, as well as planning my finances. Other than that, I am spending my time watching to much anime for my health and talking to my dear friend Camy on MSN.

>> journal I am a very random person; you can ask anyone. I like to dance in the rain and yet I hate being in the sun, I love lions but hate cats. If I had to choose between Draco Malfoy and Serverus Snape, I would cry. People think I am wierd, but I think I am just missunderstood. Mr. Darcy is a sex bomb. <3

i'm in slytherin!

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